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4 Responses to “About”

  1. Scribhneoir Says:

    You show a fine attention to detail except for one thing: the initialism for “the man in the Members Only jacket” would be “MOJ” (or even “MMOJ”) but certainly not “MOG.”

  2. Scribhneoir Says:

    Please remove that stupid smiley if you post the comment. That was a close-paren when I typed it.

  3. masterofsopranos Says:

    Could you re-send your comments to the main page?

    There is also a technical glitch with the smiley, it pops up in Part VI.

  4. dsweeney Says:

    I’m sure you realise it by now but just in case, the MOG acronym is for “Members Only Guy”, which in my opinion is perfectly fine.

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